Episode 132: R Kelly/Bryan Singer/Michael Jackson, shocking exposés and survivors getting heard. Guest: culture and criminal justice writer Rachel Leah


This week we are joined by Rachel Leah (writer at Salon.com covering culture, race and criminal justice) for a conversation on some difficult topics but also about what may be the beginnings of a cultural shift.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Michael Jackson, Bryan Singer… Recently there’s been a wave of shocking articles, exposés and documentaries about allegations of sexual misconduct by high profile artists and industry titans. Allegations that have dogged them for years, sometimes even for decades. How can it be possible that these allegations have been industry, and even public, knowledge for years and still their careers flourish? But has the #Metoo movement allowed for more survivors to come forward with their stories when the justice system seems to often have failed them?  And what does this mean going forward? Rachel Leah has been covering these topics extensively and joins us this week for an in-depth conversation. You can follow Rachel Leah on Twitter @rachelkleah