Jan. 10, 2021

207: Actor Paul Raci 'Sound of Metal'

207:  Actor Paul Raci  'Sound of Metal'

Join us for an intimate conversation with this seasons' breakout star Paul Raci. Mr Raci is already garnering awards buzz for his role as Joe, a deaf Vietnam veteran and leader of a rehab for the deaf, in the critical acclaimed feature SOUND OF METAL. Mr Raci talks to us about how the role in many ways mirrors his own life, a Vietnam veteran and recovering addict himself. About his identity as a CODA, a Child of Deaf Adults. About growing up as a hearing child with two deaf parents and how he in many ways was a conduit for them in the hearing world. His Black Sabbath cover band where he performs entire concerts in ASL, American Sign Language. Working with actor Riz Ahmed and why director Darius Marder thought he was perfect for the role. Plus much more A full, written transcript of this interview (provided by https://www.scriptme.io) is available @ www.popcultureconfidential.com

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