April 5, 2019

Epi 137 Nicholas Monsour editor "US". On Jordan Peele, editing horror, all those audience theories

Epi 137 Nicholas Monsour editor

This week we are so glad to speak to film editor Nicholas Monsour about his work on the innovative, multi-leveled, genre-defying and just flat out terrifying new movie ‘Us'. In this fascinating conversation Mr. Monsour speaks about working with Oscar winner Jordan Peele, his research and influences going into the project (which included the films of David Lynch, Friedkin and Bergman) working with the incredible actors and editing the doppelgänger scenes. We also spoke of the multiple levels of 'Us', the social commentary, the many fan theories, the intersection of comedy and horror, and how Peele and team worked to both entertain, scare and start the many, many conversations audiences and critics are having.