May 6, 2020

Episode 179: John Turturro "The Jesus Rolls"

Episode 179: John Turturro

The man, the myth, The Jesus! Actor/writer/director John Turturro joins us to talk about his new movie ‘The Jesus Rolls’! As well as creating the iconic character with the Coen brothers, about the underachievers, the dreamers, the ‘passione’ and so much more. From 'Do the Right Thing' ,'Barton Fink', to 'Quiz Show’  and 'The Big Lebowski’  Mr Turturro has brought to life some of the most memorable characters in cinema history. On TV he starred in 'The Night Of 'and most recently as Rabbi Bengelsdorf  in Davids Simons' HBO miniseries  'The Plot Against America' based on the Philip Roth novel.  'The Jesus Rolls' premieres in Sweden on May 8th and is available to rent or buy on VOD in the US